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Downtown Heaven City (Preview)

Downtown Heaven City (Preview)

Okay, back February, I completed my first dream city called "Heaven City". However, that's the beginning. That was the urban and suburb living part of my city. Today, right now, I am currently modeling the downtown structure of Heaven City (formerly named Boogster City). Unlike the urban area I made, it's based on a huge, HUGE pencil drawing I am still currently infrastructuring. It's drawn on 2 20x30 poster boards taped together. With each freeway and street's traffic lane scaled down to about half a centimeter wide. Maybe approximate. Anyway, the downtown will have a huge skyscraper, and very large expressway, totaling 22 traffic lanes wide!!! (including the 3 middle lanes, HOV lane, 6 general purpose lanes, and auxillary lane, as shown on the picture here). Plus, old buildings, a few shopping centers, a giant neighborhood with an 80's suburban feel to it, a seafood fishing center (with a giant town lake), and finally, sustainable green architecture! Plz rate and review this preview model I uploaded! Thanks! PS Expected finished date expected to be announced by me, but however, I don't know when I will be finished in the future. It depends...
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