Terrazzo, a vertically-integrated mixed-use building, provides retail and restaurant space at the ground floor, three floors of office space, topped by ten floors of condominiums, totaling 115 units. Parking for 415 cars is mostly located in three levels of below-grade parking. The building addresses the street with open patios, terraces and balconies on every floor, while the first floor retail has operable glass doors allowing the building to spill into The Gulch neighborhood. The building gracefully holds the important corner of 12th and Division streets simultaneously grounding itself with a large public plaza and canopy, while springing vertically nearly 200 feet. At the corner a sheathing of metal and glass wrap a stack of two-story condominium units. The building incorporates many sustainable elements including high-performance glazing, an energy recovery systems, terraces that serve as green roofs, high-efficiency HVAC systems, low-toxicity materials and preferred parking for “hybrid” vehicles. Terrazzo has received LEED Silver Certification from the US Green Building Council. #Architecture #Corporate_Interiors #Interior_Design #MixedUse_Buildings #Office_Buildings #Planning #Sustainability #Urban #Urban_Planning_Projects
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