Penn Theater
Completed in 1986, the David M. Schwarz/Architectural Services, Inc. designed Penn Theatre project involved two very different historic preservation goals: the first was to save the art deco marquee of the defunct Penn Theatre at 601 Pennsylvania Avenue and the second was to design a new apartment building on C Street that is compatible with the Capitol Hill historic district and the historic Eastern Market building and townhouses across the street. The Penn Theatre space was not financially viable for local live performance groups so a more commercially viable program was established with three floors of office space and two of retail. A second four story building was designed on C Street to house the 35 apartment units. The massing, materials, details and colors of the new building have been designed to emphasize and complement the existing portion. The facade materials of the apartment building respond directly to the red brick Eastern Market. The four projecting bays of this facade create the impression of a row of smaller buildings such as those across from it on C Street while the single central gable unites them as one building. Between the renovated Penn Theatre and the new apartment building is a large open courtyard of contemporary style. The triangular shape of the space, is derived from the angle created by the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and C Streets. #Ave #Avenue #David #DC #DMS #Penn #Pennsilvania #Schwarz #SE #Theater #Washington
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