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Omnidirectional Drive System

Omnidirectional Drive System

ms mac
Also known as holonomic drive, the omnidirectional drive can travel in any direction. This chassis base uses the VEX super large chassis kit, but the large kit works just as well. Numerous details are added (such as screws and collars) because this was a plan I gave to my new students to get them started. The newbies managed to build it in a few hours. My older students prefer to drive this tank style with slide left and slide right on one of the control sticks. However, it runs fastest when traveling on the diagonals. A great drive system for Clean Sweep, because you might want to slide sideways to avoid being blocked by an opposing team. Because this is the super large chassis kit, the dimensions are about 17.5" x 17.5" (just under the 18 x18 needed for competition). #chassis #Clean_Sweep #example_robot #FTC #holonomic_drive #omnidirectional_drive #robot #VEX #VRC
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