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Pan American World Airways (1963) - Douglas DC-8-32

Pan American World Airways (1963) - Douglas DC-8-32

The DC-8-30 was of course, another average length DC-8 jetliner. The difference from the others was that it was the first long range version of the DC-8, and the first DC series airliner to have a -XX variant designation (the DC-8-10 and DC-8-20 were called the DC-8A and DC-8B originally). The DC-8-30 featured a strengthened structure and a larger fuel capacity, as well as more powerful Pratt & Whitney JT4A turbojets. Northwest Orient Airlines (Northwest Airlines) and Japan Air Lines did market the DC-8-32 as the "DC-8C", but I am not sure that it was ever the official designation. This was done as a request by Alpha. #Airways #American #Clipper #DC8 #DC830 #DC832 #Douglas #Jet #McDonnell #N811PA #Pacific #Pan #Series_30 #Trader #World
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