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The Metacraft

The Metacraft

Constructed by the original Metabaron: Othon Von Salza, Baron of Castaka, The Metacraft is the most powerfull of the many Legendary Metabaronic Weapons and it has been reffited and redesign by the different generations of Metabarons. It draws upon an array of advanced weaponry. These include cybernetically-implanted lasers, nanotech nuclear warheads, trans-dimensional projectors and it's capable of channel, storage and amplificate the Metabaron's powerful psychic abilities. It's design has only been copied once by Steelhead at the time of the Pthagurean War, but this Crimson Metacraft was destroyed by psychotronic bombardment of the Metabaron Aghnar Von Salza in the original Metacraft. It was called CROW after each victory by the Metabaron Aghora and is currently owned by the Last of the Metabarons (Nameless). #comics #Gimenez #Incal #Jodorowsky #Metabaron #Metabaron_universe #Metacraft #Moebius
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