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Simpson Strong Tie LSTA30

Simpson Strong Tie LSTA30

Chris Currie
SIMPSON STRONG-TIE HURRICANE AND SEISMIC TIE STRAPS AND TIES FOR WOOD FRAMING - LSTA30 Designed for use on the edge of 2x members, with a nailing pattern that reduces the potential for splitting. ESR-2105 Used for Florida State WIde Product Approval# FL10852 3.1.5 LSTA and MSTA Series: The LSTA and MSTA Series tie straps are 9 to 36 inches (229 to 914 mm) long and 11/4 inches (32 mm) wide. Each strap has one row of staggered 11/64-inch-diameter (4.3 mm) prepunched nail holes. Longitudinal spacing (pitch) of consecutive holes is 11/2 inches (38 mm), and the transverse distance (gage) between staggered holes is 9/16 inch (14.3 mm). Both ends of every strap has one nail hole located between the last two staggered holes. See Figure 7 for a drawing of the LSTA and MSTA Series tie straps. See Table 3A for strap dimensions, fastener schedules, and allowable tension loads based on the IBC. ER-0124 Used for Florida State WIde Product Approval# FL13872 3.1.11 LSTA & MSTA Strap Ties: LSTA and MSTA strap ties may be used to provide a tension connection between two CFS members. They are from 9 to 36 inches long and are 1-¼ inches wide. Each strap has one row of staggered pre-punched holes. The straps are manufactured from various gages of galvanized steel. Allowable loads, fastener requirements, and steel thicknesses are shown in Table 10. Refer to Figure 10 for further information. #Simpson_Strong_Tie_LSTA30
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