[Dual Universe] ODY - Combat Destroyer  "Boyer"

[Dual Universe] ODY - Combat Destroyer "Boyer"

Name: Boyer (MD-C06/05-R1-SIT/BA-B1) Usage: Combat Class: Destroyer Weaponry: Minimum of 6 guns (minimum of 4 potential extra guns) + 1 heavy main gun: Railgun Rec. Crew Size: 5 Members Est. Dimensions: 175m x 85m x 45m Version: Beta 1 Description: This larger version of a destroyer is not only a capable self-defense ship, but also a giant railgun. Two thirds of the ships fork-like construction are able to accelerate projectiles for long range combat, effectively creating an artillery ship with a well protected and most reliable railgun. But even in close combat its minimum of 6 guns and slender form are capable of keeping the ship intact for a long time. If the enemy strikes your blind side, the special alignment of diagonally placed thrusters will allow you to withdraw from direct combat and shake off enemies larger than you. The long forks also give opportunity to store large quantities of ammo and cargo, making the Boyer a very durable combat vessel overall, which is well-suited for escort, combat and defense purposes. #Combat #CVC #Dual_Universe
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