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This is the best pool I have ever made. this pool is an infinity pool. This pool is built up on a hill. The only way up is to climb the steps I have provided. Then, you have a choice. You can go onto two different platforms that are next to the pool. One platform has a picnic table over looking the pool, and the other an umbrella and loungers and tables. These platforms look out over the pool, and are supported by pillars made of wood that dig into the hill. The actual pool is made of beautigul tiles and is a kind of dome with a triangular underwater slide. If you go to the far side of the pool, the ground drops away because the pool is on a hill and it gives the sensation that you are floating on nothing. This is a great pool, definatly the pool for you. Just add loungers to make a resort pool, but this is a perfect pool for anyone. Download this pool now, quick and easy! #hill #infinity_pool #jess #loungers #picnic_table #pool #stairs #swimming_pool #table #umbrella
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