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Kirov-class superbattlecruiser

Kirov-class superbattlecruiser

By the outbreak of the Third World War, the world found itself strapped for supplies. Thus, the only naval vessels the nations could use were modified versions of other warships. The Kirov-class superbattlecruisers were once the largest sea-based warships in the Russian Navy, but since have been rendered the smallest ship with the creation of the Moscow-class Superbattleship. Modifications to the Kirov-class included the removal of the forward S-20 Shipwreck missile launchers, which were replaced with a turret containing 3 long-range rail guns, making the Kirov the first sea-based ship to contain rail guns. New Armament: 2 Dual-Gatling gun emplacements (CIWS), 6 500 cm Rail guns, 48 SAM pods , 12 Point-defense Rocket Launchers, 10 155 mm Surface Guns, and 8 S-300 cruise missiles.Credit to baoxiuyuan. #battlecruiser #battleship #CIWS #kirov #missile #radar #rail_gun #SAM #sonar #ww2
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