IDAF Wraith Class LM
My first mech! Based off of Wilson's mech, but made with 100% Natedude888 (Like a lot of my models.. I just kinda get looks, but then make 'em.) Wraith Class Light Mech. It is a small, fast, light mech. It can go 60 mp/h max. It is good for scouting enemy positions then getting out of there, fast. Its armour is not overly protective, but enough to take a few bazooka shots. The hydraulic lines are encased in solid steel in the joints, so they are harder to hit then the ones that stick out of the mechs. It is equipped with a 5 barrel rotable railgun (on the.. stomach I guess), two powerful laser blasters, and 26 DarkFire missiles. A good, powerful addition to IDAF's rapidly growing arsenal of deadly machinery (I like that sentance), and not bad for a first mech if you ask me. Its not terribly overdetailed, I wanted to keep it under 1MB for use in scenes, but I tryed to still make it look realistic. Fill me in, did I suceed? (TESLAGUY: I agree with what you said about mechs. A tank is better indeed for just plain blowing things up, and they are very tough beasts indeed. However, mech's have something a tank doesn't: Manoeverability. A mech can run circles around something, especially since it mimics the pilots actions. The pilot can react faster than the one in the tank, a tank is unlikely to dodge around an imcoming rocket shot. There ya go.) Yes, this is the mech I put in the preview, if you couldn't tell. Oh, its positionable too. I think thats all I have to say. #IDAF #mech #natedude888 #tank #UAF
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