01  AB02 - 120 V Dyson Airblade™ Hand Dryer

01 AB02 - 120 V Dyson Airblade™ Hand Dryer

Dyson B2B, Inc.
The Dyson Airblade™ Hand Dryer wipes hands dry with a high-velocity sheet of air in just 12 seconds. It cleans the air before using it to dry hands, too. And it uses much less energy than warm air hand dryers so your business can reduce costs. It’s the first and only hand dryer that works properly. Key features include: no heating element, high speed sheet of air dries hands in 12 seconds, no heating element, filtered air, anti-microbial finishes on external surfaces and components, high speed digital electric motor, touch free operation with automatic starting, cast aluminum construction. #10_28_00 #10_28_13 #10_28_1313 #10810 #air_hand_dryer #Airblade #Dyson #Dyson_Airblade #Dyson_B2B #hand_dryer #toilet_room #toilet_room_accessories #warm_air_hand_dryer
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