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cassette recorder set-top "Yauza MP-221-1C"/

cassette recorder set-top "Yauza MP-221-1C"/

Cassette recorder stationary stereo-top ''Yauza MP-221C''allows you to record audio programs on magnetic tape cassettes in the type - MK-60 and MK-90, followed by their music via an external amplifier, with the acoustic Kimi systems. Listening to recorded programs - perhaps and stereotelefony type of TDS-3, TDS-5, CBS-8. Along with good electro-acoustic characteristics of a tape recorder set-top possesses a number of additional operational convenience - it is: a WHO- possibility of working with three types of magnetic tapes, current adjustment under magnetization, the presence of electron-logic control system shumoponizhayuschih two devices, and dynamic compander filter, the possibility of implementing the regime rolled back. In the model used forms a twin-LPM is established durable sendasto Vai's head, two-color fluorescent indicator for monitoring level of recording or playback. Subsequent models of magnetic background-top series''Yauza MP-221'', differed little from the base. #audio_cassette #hitchhiking #Noise_Reduction #Recorder #reproduction #stereo #USSR
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