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Simple Furniture (639 Kb)

Simple Furniture (639 Kb)

David S.
Here is a sofa and a chair. Both are designed with off the shelf lumber materials. 2x4s. 1x4s, ply wood, OSB, etc. Most of the cuts are very simple single plane cuts that could be done with a table saw or similar. The intent of these are to fit in a limited space, thus the sofa is not as long as what one would find on a storeroom floor. The seat and the backs could be bolted to the arms with nuts and washers for easier removal for storage/moving. Or you can glue and screw them together to remain as one unit forever. Each item is a componet, thus each 1x4 is a componet and this model can be exploded and taken apart for better details. #Chair #DIY_projects #Furniture #Sofa #Sofa_chair_set
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