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Sacrifice fighter

Sacrifice fighter

A atmospheric and near-space fighter. Its wings can be rotated to 360°, and can either work as normal wings or parachutes to diminish the speed of the ship. The Sacrfice class fighter uses an anti-gravity engine that takes almost 90% of the hull, bending space and time around the ship and helping it to make huge leaps into atmosphere and near space. Travels in deep space are difficult because the ship doesn't have enought air and supplies to keep the pilot and gunner alive for more than one day. The military version have two heavy laser cannons in the left side that can turn 180° horizontal and 90° vertical. Its high manuverality makes Sacrifice space fighter an ideal small size, cheap and agile spaceship for space and atmospheric dogfights and strategic attacks. #astro_empires #fighter #ship #space #spaceship #starship
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