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PFA Soldier (Phoenix Federation Army) 1st edition

PFA Soldier (Phoenix Federation Army) 1st edition

In the year 4034 the leaders of Earth began sending transport ships in search for planets where they could harvest more resources one particular planet P3450Z nick named Phoenix was found and colonized, the leader in charge of Phoenix began drawing absolute power and soon ruled the planet shutting out anyone one who tried to enter the planet he began training an army which he named the Phoenix Federation Army with plans to control other colonized planets, this is one of his soldiers. Credit: helmet and body armor by: RLgun, pistol by:Anteater7171, machine gun, by:ZARRDOZ, goggles by:Will, 3D man by: N*Dog, BTM. I was kinda going for the Killzone Helghast soldier look, the story has nothing to do with Killzone. #army #guns #jake #PFA #planets #soldier #war
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