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The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant

On October 4, 1957, (the day on which the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1), a giant humanoid robot crashes off the shore of the small town of Rockwell, Maine. Nine-year-old Hogarth Hughes discovers the robot as it gets entangled in the wires of a power station, and shuts off the station's power. The robot, on recovery, disappears into the forest, eluding Hogarth. The following day, Hogarth attempts to find the robot to photograph it, but falls asleep. The Iron Giant finds him instead and shows him the wrecked "off" switch from the power station, communicating that it knows that Hogarth saves it. Hogarth finds that the robot can somewhat understand him, although is unable to speak. The robot follows Hogarth home, along the way attempting to eat some railroad tracks near Hogarth's house. Hogarth convinces it not to, and to repair the tracks, but as it is doing so a train collides with its head, dislodging its arm and a jaw bolt. Hogarth discovers that the robot is self-repairing, using a homing device to draw its parts back to it. Hogarth instructs the robot to follow him to his home and hides it from his single mother Annie in their barn. Hogarth teaches the robot about life, and shares his comic books with him, including one featuring Superman and another with Atomo, a villainous metal robot. Hogarth assures the robot that it is not like Atomo and that the robot is what it chooses to be.(original model by The7Sticks) #Giant_robot #Iron_Giant #robot #scifi
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