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Sax SPEAKER BOX design!!!

Sax SPEAKER BOX design!!!

This medium sized horn tower makes no attempt at low bass but rather concentrates on an unbelievably clean impulse response and the abilitie to play cleanly, loud, and dynamically free of distortion. It consists of 4 titanium 1" wide range drivers in a rear loaded horn configuration. It's frequency range is 80Hz-20,000Hz and when situated in a corner in a moderately sized room will achieve 120db throughout this range. It's unique appearance is a testiment to the beauty of music and musical instruments. When coupled with a dynamic subwoofer such as a Tapped horn or other bass horn it will provide extremely dynamic low distortion, life like music or movie sound reproduction, like you've never heard before. This isn't a model of a saxaphone, it's a model of a speaker cabinet design that I build for high end audio customers who apreciate good sound. #audiophile #full_range #horn #single_driver #Speaker #Tang_Band
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