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monarch type escort/ transport

monarch type escort/ transport

Noah F.
A star trek version of airforce one it is desighned to protect its passengers at all costs, it uses transphasic torpedoes, type XV phasers (only three, the largeones on the sides and on the aft right below the shuttle bay) and a cloaking device salvaged from the wreakage of the Scimitar so it is flawless, it also employs sensor jammers with holo imagers to employ holographic decoys. tis technology is packed into a ship smaller than the nova class this is acheved by sual warp cores that are twisted around each other, this depletes the reseves quickly but it could operate for over a year with out refuelling. power is distruibuted with multiple redundancies and most areas of the hull can operate independantly BorgMan! I am a big fan and just would like to say that wow! your ships (expecialy the hayden) are great but I did make the saucer section, i just was looking at how you made yours and tried to emulate it (guess it worked!) But I love that you actually commented- nobody does that #df #dff #dfff #dffffff
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