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Ancient Rome - The Plebeian Class (Citizen) - Version 4

Ancient Rome - The Plebeian Class (Citizen) - Version 4

Plebeians were the general body of Roman citizens in Ancient Rome. They were distinct from the privileged class of the patricians - citizens who could trace their ancestory back to the early Roman Republic. The term is used more commonly today to refer to one who is in the middle or lower class, or who appears to be; however, in Rome, plebeians could become quite wealthy and influential. This model includes both standing and walking figures robed in the common tunic (red in this case) and sadals of the period. The male bodies are based on several models by Maotri which were then edited and outfitted with roman period clothing. The head sculpt is by Dameous #ancieht_rome #ancient #citizen #empire #plebeian #republic #Roman_Empire #Roman_Republic #Rome #sandal #tunic
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