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De church and graveyard of Ferwert

De church and graveyard of Ferwert

Jan Hendrik Fennema
The church of Ferwert is a rather large church for this region and was built around the beginning of the 15e centuriy. For construction of the church they used especially materials of the church which stood there before. The church of Ferwert was one of the four mother churches of friesland, from these churches the church communities in other villages were founded. This meant that there around the 9th century here already a church must have stood, around that time Christianity has been brought here. The church himself have been several times restored. The last time in 2006, Then they have brought back the tower in its original shape. #church #doarp #dorp #ferwerd #Ferwert #friesland #fryslan #graveyard #janhin #kerk #kerkhof #nederland #netherlands #tsjerke #tsjerkhôf #village
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