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Moab's Last Jetliner (2013) [FICTIONAL]

Moab's Last Jetliner (2013) [FICTIONAL]

MD 11
N99101 is the aircraft depicted here, at a site 3km NW of Canyonlands Field, performed her last flight on 30/12/1960 before being stripped down for spare parts (that were donated to Central Air Lines) before being towed to her final resting place here where her carcass can still be found. N99102 - Scrapped 05/11/1960. N99103 - Destroyed by fire at Lake Powell Airfield 21/01/1960. N99104 - Order cancelled. N99105 - Order cancelled. Thanks to 707, SketchUp, Sketchy@best and raybearmass. #57a2 #airlines #aviation #group #international #jetliner #md_11 #moab #northwest #nw
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