UEM-8  "Blitzer" Battle Strider (example 3)

UEM-8 "Blitzer" Battle Strider (example 3)

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This mech was designed for use primarily in urban battlegrounds. It carries but one pilot. It's basic armament without any attachments consists of two triple-barrel gatling guns that fire 100 caliber ammunition, 12 anti-air or anti-ground missiles, and the laser emplacement on top to diffuse mines or other ordnance on the ground, or to destroy incoming missiles. It's crews liken piloting this mech to being in a first-person-shooter, except you are 20 feet tall and can run 75 mph. The nickname Blitzer has been bestowed upon it because of its effectiveness in battle and the overall awesome amounts of firepower it can carry. The model is poseable, but not currently posed. If you want to know more about just how advanced this mech really is, look up some models i will be posting later explaining it all. #contest #firepower #futuristic #gundam #mech #robot
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