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Zenith National Bank ATM Machine

Zenith National Bank ATM Machine

Paul R.
Standalone ATM machine, can be placed indoors or out. Access door is on rear as it is primarily used on the external facade of a bank branch. Has standard multiple card metwork logos it accepts on right side of pad, has cash dispenser on bottom, statement/receipt printer and swipe reader below display, (fictional) Zenith National Bank logo on left of deposit slot. Display is 12" wide, unit is 3' 10" wide, 5' tall, with cement shell. Manufacturer's mark on bottom right front, manufacturer's sticker on back. Model AT-1. Rear addess door has seam, rear door hinge attachment screws are welded, is sunken into outer casing (so pins cannot be removed) and is embedded in concrete to harden ATM from robbers. #automatic #bank #cash #machine #teller #zenith
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