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LDS Temple Tampico Tamaulipas Templo Mormon Mexico.

LDS Temple Tampico Tamaulipas Templo Mormon Mexico.

Juan E. C.
Site: 2.96 acres (including adjacent meetinghouse). Exterior Finish: Banco Guardiano White marble from Torreon, Mexico. Temple Design: Classic modern, single-spire design. Number of rooms: Two ordinance rooms and two sealing. Total Floor Area: 10,700 square feet ANNOUNCEMENT; 8 JULY 1998 GROUNDBREAKING AND SITE DEDICATION; 28 NOVEMBER 1998 BY ERAN A. CALL PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE; 29 APRIL-6 MAY 2000 DEDICATION; 20 MAY 2000 BY THOMAS S. MONSON. #LDS #Mexico #Mexico_City #Mormon #Tamaulipa #Tampico #Temple #Templo
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