The FSR has two capital planets: the monarchy of Farbanti and the federal planet-state of Cadino. The king resides on Farbanti. An elected parliament and a congress reside on Cadino. Farbanti is the largest of the two planets, by a few hundred miles in diameter, and has many lakes. It also has a mountain range on the eastern hemisphere on which the monarchial capital resides. Cadino is a swampy planet in its natural regions, which is protected by the FSR wildlife agreement. A quarter of the planet is covered with cities, most of these placed near the Orincki River. Cadino has a system of rings, which has given the FSR a problem before because Farbanti tends to pull on the belt causing mass space coaos. Thanks to Mr.Planet for the base planet model! I just added new textures. #farbanti #from #FSR #nateel #planet #rock #solar #star #sun #system #the #third
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