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Nord at Case Western Reserve University

Nord at Case Western Reserve University

This building is on a slope and I am not sure how to avoid floating. Please advise. Nord Hall is a building on the Case Quad occupied by the School of Engineering. It is connected to the Sears Building and next to the Olin Building. It contains administrative offices, conference rooms, and the Engineering Reading Room. The Smith Computer Lab (popularly known as Nord Lab) and two classrooms are located on the fourth floor (one level above the ground floor). There are also several classrooms on the second (lowest) floor. Nord Hall (along with the adjoining Sears Building) is perhaps the most popular location for students to rest or study between classes. This is due to its central location on the Case Quad, the lounge-like furnishing of its atrium, the availability of food at Einstein Bagel and Grab-It, and the public computer lab. Nord Hall used to be known as Enterprise Hall when it housed the Weatherhead School of Management. When WSOM moved to the Peter B. Lewis Building in the fall of 2003, it was renamed and taken over by the School of Engineering.
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