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Pheonix Bullet bugatti veyron super sport lookalike

Pheonix Bullet bugatti veyron super sport lookalike

Josh M.
pheonix bullet based on bugatti, has three 5.4ltr V8 dodge charger engines built into the back of three 3.6ltr V8 ford mustang engines, a huge 24ltr V48 on the front producing over 4000BHP!!! and it has a bugatti 16.4ltr V16 engine in the back just like a normal bugatti veyron, meaning this car has 7 engines!!! that means this car is fitted with a 40.4ltr V64 producing over 5000BHP!!! god knows what the speed will be lol... the Webb Dart goes over 350MPH and that only has 3 engines, the Pheonix Bullet has 4 more engines, so this car probs would go over 600-700+MPH!!! it comes in an Ice Cool Blue Paint job with green accents, and a huge Triple tier spoiler!!! the Webb Dart will outrun any Bugatti Veyron, The Pheonix Bullet... well... it will leave any bugatti veyron or Webb Dart unable to see its tailights cos its so fast and powerful!!! So, Move Over Bugatti Veyrons and Webb Darts, This is Pheonix's Bullet, and u better be quick, or u wont see it!!! Pheonix, Pheonix Extreme Modifications.
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