Air Canada Aircraft A55555 A
A Great Airplane With A Great Interior. It Has Three Emergency Engines And Are Always Up While On The Ground. Also Its Red All Over The Fuselage. Acknowledgements: Special Thanks To: WilliamT For The Fuselage And -Nix15- For The Interiors And JGB For The General Electric GE90-115A Engines, Bryden For The Air Canada Logo Fixture At The Tail Section, JBean For The AA5 Of Family Missiles, And Omega For The Cockpit!!!!! I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING THAT I HAVE ACKNOWLEDGED!!!!! Can You People Rate This Model? Thank You!!!!! And It's Five Actual Powerplants Are Five General Electric GE90-115A Engines!!!!! And It is a Boeing 777-300A!!!!! And It Also Can Carry 555 Passengers!!!!! And Its Name Is: Air Canada Flight 55555 A!!!!! And Its Tail Number Is: AA-AAA/AC-AAA!!!!! This Is Also The Official Aircraft For The Air Canada Royal Canadian Pacific Line Alliance!!!!! For ADC 2010!!!!! Also Original Upload Date: Wednesday August 5TH, 2009!!!!! My Favourite Aircraft!!!!! The Aircraft Name Is: Ace Cardinal. Also Enjoy And Apprecier!!!!! At Epicapolloboom1969, Thanks Man! 2005 Air Canada Boeing 777-300A!!!!! This Aircraft Is Also A Combat Aircraft, It Has Five A5 Heat Seeking Missiles And Contains Technologies From The F-35 Rapter, The F-15, MiG 55A Grand Acer, The A-50 Ruby Cutter And The MiG 51A Red Acer. This Aircraft Is Under Contract With A.C.R.C.P.L.A. And Owns 50% Share, Air Canada 25%, And Finally, The Royal Canadian Air Force (R.C.A.F.)!!!!! @Google_505, Dafuq!? I Don't Even Know You. #Air_Canada #Aircraft #Airplane #General_Electric #General_Electric_GE90115A
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