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Diorama museum "Kursk battle"

Diorama museum "Kursk battle"

The biggest Diorama in Russia in memory of Prohorovka tank battle (July 12, 1943). The square of the single canvas is 1005 square meters (67m wide by 15m high). More than 500 sq.meters of detailed view. Created by group of batalists artists in the Grekov Studio by honored artists N.But, G.Sevostyanov, V.Sherbakov. Devoted to Kursk battle excursion gives a full overview of the battle from the very first day until the last one including the preliminary information and results. Musem exposition continues on the open air, containing the Russian combat vehicles and weapons of the World War II. Includes the movie "On the Scorched Ground" (by B.Karpov and N.Ryapolov), awarded with the Silver Medal at the Dovzhenko Documantary Films Festival 1987. #Belgorod #Red_Army #Russia #World_War_2 #World_War_II #WW2 #WWII #Белгород #Великая_Отечественная_Война
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