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World Cup 2022 Bid - USA

World Cup 2022 Bid - USA

I have chosen to do the United States. The bid committee and the US government have decided to tear down 3 existing, old stadiums and replace them with new and somewhat eco friendly stadiums. Some stadiums will replicate the teams after the WC that will play in them and others won't. They plan to make two large stadiums in Houston, Texas and Albany, New York as well as building a stadium to host the Final in Los Angeles, California although rumors are flying around it may be moved to San Diego. The bid committee and government plan to bribe the EXCO with anything they can eat at any restaurant, steakhouse or fast food joint in the country (Septic Blatter....). The logo is supposed to be a blue colored football in place of the stars. Idea taken from the New England Revolution. Also, I may not be able to complete all 3 stadiums as I will have a number of others things to do in between it. Sorry about the late entry as well. Just got my PC back #2022_WC #Albany #Arena #California #FIFA #Football #Houston #Los_Angeles #Martin_LeRoy #New_York #San_Diego #Stadium #Texas #USA #World_Cup #World_Cup_2022_Comp
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