The SAR-10 is a basic assault rifle that was developed in the UFS. The weapon has been dicontinued from service and replaced with the M5 series in 6x45mm. The designation SAR-10 stands for Simplified Assault Rifle, model 10. It is a simple, closed bolt design that fires the obsolete 8x40mm Intermediate cartridge. It is constructed from wood and stamped steel. The weapon uses a 30 round magazine and all fire controls are positioned so left and right-handed users can operate the weapon. The sights contain tritium inserts that aid aiming in low-light conditions. There are threaded holes in the receiver that allow accessory rails to be attached. An optional poymer stock can be fitted. Rate of fire is set at 750 rounds per minute. Maximum effective range is 550 yards. Field stripping is done by pressing the rear receiver button, pivoting the upper receiver, and removing the recoil guide and bolt. #10 #assault_rifle #basic #bolt #intermediate #magazine #rifle #sar #sar_10 #simple #stamped #steel #ufs #weapon #wood
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