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Cincinnati Street Railway 1939 Brilliner #1128

Cincinnati Street Railway 1939 Brilliner #1128

Here is a SketchUp Model of Brilliner #1128. Brilliner #1128 was manufactured by the J.G. Brill Co. of Philadelphia, Pa for the Cincinnati Street Railway in Cincinnati, OH and was orginally numbered 1200. The very unusual feature of Brilliner #1128 is there is not one pole in the back, but two. This is because that most trolleytrack lines of the Cincinnati Street Railway had two wires for each direction (similar to trackless trolley wires). Brilliner #1128 was retired and scrapped in the 1950's. PLEASE RATE!!! I've been cleaning and improving my models. Sorry for the lost ratings. #Brilliner #Cininnati_Street_Railway #JG_Brill_Co
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