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Vatican. Museum Pio Clementino

Vatican. Museum Pio Clementino

Hall of the Greek Cross, Circular Hall, Hall of the Muses, Animal Room, Gallery of Statues, Mask Room, Gallery of Busts, Octagonal Courtyard, Hermes Cabinet, Parseus Cabinet, Apollo Cabinet, Laocoon Cabinet, Apoxyomanos Cabinet, Round Vestibule, Vestibule of the Torso, Sarcophagi, Regolini-Galassi Tomb, Bronzes, Urns, Gugliemi Room, Jewelry, Terracotta Room, Antiquarium Romanum, Falcioni Collection, Bramante Staircase, Greek Originals. #Catholicism #Church #Italy #Museum #Papal #Pope #Rome #Saint_Peter #Vatican
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