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Urban Guerrilla Gardening Handcart

Urban Guerrilla Gardening Handcart

Simon C.
UHC have designed and rendered a new agricultural vehicle in Sketchup for use in Google Earth in urban gardening environments and activist guerrilla gardening projects. The design is based on descriptions and images of real equipment used today in communal farming, specifically on a cart used by Californian Schools' city farm projects. The piece has an eye on the Middle Ages and a Britain pre-enclosure, our agrarian past and collective farming. It is partly inspired by our ongoing interest in the enclosures, Levellers and in particular the 'True Leveller', Gerrard Winstanley. Predominantly however, it is an experiment in tactically infiltrating the 3D warehouse/google earth project for gentle radical environmental activism - ensuring the virtual representation of our world contains subversive toys which promote sustainability or radical agriculture and guerrilla gardening. UHC plans to make more sketchup objects to add to our gallery and are seeking commissions. #activist #agricultural_vehicle #environment #guerrilla_gardening #hoe #rake #shovel #spade #tools #urban_gardening
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