The national emblem of the Earth Kingdom is a square inscribed with a circle, at the center of which is a much smaller square (like a Chinese coin). The insignia symbolizes both the literal and figurative depth of the Earth Kingdom. It represents the immeasurable layers of deep rock and minerals which Earthbenders manipulate to maintain their great cities, as well as the depth of the inhabitants' commitment and strive towards the effort of a peaceful and productive way of life. This emblem can be seen on the helmets of Earth Kingdom troops. Large "coins" of this design made of rock or earth are sometimes used as weapons by Earthbenders, as shown extensively in "The Avatar State" and in "Zuko Alone". Earth Kingdom currency consists of gold, silver, and bronze pieces of varying sizes used by Earth Kingdom citizens to purchase goods and services; they are fashioned in the shape of the national emblem, though gold pieces have four notches on the edge, giving them a flower-like shape. Watch the coins thrown to Jun in "Bato of the Water Tribe" Based on Toph's passport in "The Serpent's Pass", Earth Kingdom is written in Chinese as "土國" (tǔ guó). Coincidentally, this is also the Chinese word for the country Turkey. #aang #avatar #bender #earth #emblem #kingdom #rock #stone #symbol
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