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Beersheba Memorial for Turkish Troops

Beersheba Memorial for Turkish Troops

A memorial honoring Turkish troops who perished in the defence of Bersheba during World War One. The obelisk reads: "Bu anit vatani ugruna Be'er Sheva cephesinde sihet dusen turk ordusu'nun serefli 298 askeri anisina yaptirilmistir. 1914-1918 yillari arasinda Beer Sheva cephesinde sehit dusen Turk ordusunun serefli 298 askeri adina Turkiye cumhuriyeti ile Beer Sheva belediyesi tarafindan 21 ekim 2002 tarihinde yaptirilmistir. Constructed on 21th October 2002 by the Republic of Turkey and Be'er Sheva municipality in memory of 298 honorable Turkish Army soldiers who lost their lives while serving the Turkish state at the Be'er Sheva front between 1914-1918." (the white sign reads the same in Hebrew) The bust reads: "Yurtta Baris Dunyada Baris. Mustafa Kemal ATATURK (1881-1938) Turtiye Cumhuriyeti'nin Kurucusu [same in Hebrew] Peace at Home Peace in the World. Mustafa Kemal ATATURK Founder of the Republic of Turkey." #1917 #Battle_of_Beersheba #Beer_Sheva #BeerSheva #Beersheba #Birüssebi #Birüssebi_Savaşı #Great_War #Israel #memorials #monuments #Palestine #Turkey #Turkish_Army #WWI
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