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My Mobile Home

My Mobile Home

Yes I live in a Mobile Home. But that doen't mean I watch WWE raslin', or have an old pickup truck up on cinder blocks. Anyway, our Mobile Home is a 14 x 70 single wide manufactured by Bristol in 1974. Since the family and I purchased it 17 years ago, we've substanially renovated the interior, replaced the orginal 8x8 shed with a new 12x12 model, and build a second 10 x 12 shed behind it. 2 years ago my Dad and I constructed an art studio off the back end of the mobile home so I can get start on my digital art and design home business. Also 10 year ago, the carport was replaced by our insurance company because the orginal one was destroyed by a heavy snow storm. We are currently finishing a Kitchen remodel as of this upload and are in the planning stages of a drastic renovation of our living room. I'll soon be posting my design for that. This model is a fairy accurate representation of the real thing. It is complete with both sheads, central ac unit, our pop up camper, trash can, and other details. #home #house #manufactured_home #manufactured_house #mobile_home #residential #trailer
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