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Jakobi-Kirche Chemnitz

Jakobi-Kirche Chemnitz

The outstanding city's history and art historical significance of the city and Market St. Jakobi-Church, nestled in the charming Ensamble of the old and new city hall, the church has shaped this city image in Chemnitz. The building is one of the oldest surviving religious buildings in the city. The church itself has undergone many changes over time. The history of the building dates back to the 12 and 13 century. It is noteworthy that the neo-Gothic exterior facade is a transformation in Jugendsil, which was completed 1912th In the 2 World War the church was completely bombed, the Final restoration occurred only in the years 1997-2009. St. Jakobi Church is for Lutheran Parish for the St. Jakobi-Johannis parish at Chemnitz. Detailed information at: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stadtkirche_St._Jakobi_%28Chemnitz%29 #chemnitz #church #city_Kirche #Germany #historical_building #historische_Gebäude #sacred_building #Sakralbau #Saxony #sehenswürdigkeit #sight
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