Greenhouse  • Inclined Oblate Geodesic Dome

Greenhouse • Inclined Oblate Geodesic Dome

<b>Dome greenhouse</b> • Polyhedral basis: Icosahedron • Geodesic tessellation: Class-I • Frequency: 4v • "Squashed" oblate spheroid scaling ratio is the Golden Ratio • Oblate spheroid is inclined to face the sun, and is oriented to face south (in the northern hemisphere) • Footprint: ~1,000 square feet • Footprint diameter: ~39 feet • Peak height: ~17 feet • Thermal mass provided by water tanks, to moderate interior temperature <i>(can also serve double-duty, to raise fish or floating plants)</i> • "Glazing" is composed of ultraviolet-transparent Dupont Tefzel ETFE thin-film "pillows" (as used on The Eden Project domes) • Frame is metal pipe/tubing/conduit • Northern "back" wall doesn't receive solar radiation, and is, therefore, opaque & insulated to prevent heat loss • The interior surface of the back wall is skinned with aluminized mylar thin-film, to reflect light and heat back into the garden area of the greenhouse #buckminster #bucky #dome #fuller #geodesic #greenhouse #icosahedron #polyhedra #polyhedron
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