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Family Day Care Model

Family Day Care Model

This is a model for a Family Day Care building, but I also added the entire neighborhood. There is a beautifully kept lawn and backyard for the kids to play in. From the backyard you can see the opened back doors and a swing set! Inside, the walls are painted a beautiful shade of blue and there is a teacher's desk in one corner. If you roam about the neighborhod, you should notice a parking lot for the Day Care Center, a skyscraper for a successful company, a reagular one-story house, an empty lot (for rent!) and a pond surrounded by grassy fields! #ael #awesmest_model_ever #best_ever #best_model_ever #building #da_bomb_diggidy #day_care #family #greatest #jedi #Jedi_Ael #kids #neighborhood #swing_set
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