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EliAcoustic Sealand White Model 4

EliAcoustic Sealand White Model 4

EliAcoustic-Acoustic Decorative
EliAcoustic SeaLand is an acoustic panel with such an innovative design that no one will know that it is an element of sound absorption. SeaLand is designed to the last detail to improve their aesthetics and acoustic performance. On its rear face we have designed an exclusive resonant chambers that expand the sound absorption on low frequencies. While their corners with 45 degree angles allow installation on walls or corners (using the panel as bass traps). In traditional acoustic panels can not be installed backlight. But this we had to reinvent it. We designed a new area in the rear of the panel, to put a strip of LEDs. These LEDs are calibrated with the same brightness. Dimensions: 595 x 595 x 66.5 mm Foam Type: M1 Installation: EliGlue Forte, EliSpring Units per box: 4 FInish: Wood #absorben #acoustic #cinema #confort #decoration #eliacoustic #hiend #homecinema #isolation #panel #premiere #regular #sealand #sound
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