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John F. Kennedy Plaque

John F. Kennedy Plaque

Joshua J
This plaque commemorates the spot of one of President Kennedy's "Ask Not" speeches he gave here in Texarkana 1960. Interestingly enough, he was suppose to have delivered at the Texas Welcome Dinner Municipal Auditorium Austin, Texas, November 22 1963 - The Day of his Assassination "In Texarkana, I pledged in 1960 that our country would no longer engage in a lagging space effort. That pledge has been fulfilled. We are not yet first in every field of space endeavorr - but we have regained world-wide respect for our scientists, our industry, our education, and our free initiative." The Memorial was erected by the citizens of Texarkana in 1963 after the Presidents death in Dallas, Texas. #Campaign #Commemorative #Famous #Monument #President #Speech #Texarkana
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