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WWI Trench Warfare Model

WWI Trench Warfare Model

This Civil War trench is a recreation of the Battle of Marne. The Battle of Marne is also known as "Miracle of the Marne." It was a First World War battle that took place on September 5th through September 12th of 1914. It resulted in an Allied victory over the German Army. The battle effectively ended the month long German offensive that opened the war and had reached the outskirts of Paris. The counterattack of six French field armies and one British army along the Marne River forced the German Imperial Army to abandon its push on Paris and retreat northeast, setting the stage for four years of trench warfare on the Western Front. The battle of the Marne was an immense strategic victory for the Allies, wrecking Germany's bid for a swift victory over France and forcing it into a protracted two-front war. The Battle of Marne is a really important of battle in World War 1. It set the tone for trench welfare throughout the war. We felt that this was an important part of our history so we attempted to recreate the scene as best as we could. We created a trench warfare model of the Battle of the Marne. #bunker #competition #east #history #model #njhs #trench #warfare #WWI
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