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My Future House

My Future House

This house has been designed to be built out of shipping containers stacked on top of each other and therefore recycled. It has a living roof to decrease runoff, It is surrounded by Ponds for Coi (Hopefully these ponds will be more successful in keeping the fish alive since there are so many. The house would be converted to stone instead of the wild colors that I chose but the intererior is ultra modern containing only metal, glass, leather, and wood floors. I have seen these houses before and immediately fell in love. Another great feature worth noting is that more sections can be very easily added due to the construction techniques used for expansion or contraction depending on the stage of your life. Solor panels would be added eventually as and Geo Thermal Heating would be put in during construction as well as ultra efficient glass because there is a great deal of it. Hopefully the Solor could be used to possible help run the pool. I will look for the website of the builder because I did not come up with this design I am just very interested in using the builder because the house is exactly what I want. #Green_home #ultra_modern
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