Whether you are a home owner looking to cover a recreational or leisure area such as a patio or picnic table, or a municipality that needs to install new covered bus stops or bicycle racks, Sun Storage offers two shelter models that are engineered to meet your shelter and energy demands. Both the SA200 and the SA250 feature modern design elements that allow you to meet your renewable energy needs while blending in with the location’s environmental background. Each model combines form with function, making each shelter perfect for rest areas, city or state parks, covered walkways and carports. Sun Storage Shelter Arrays are ideally suited for integration into electric vehicle charging stations. On an average clear and sunny day, one section of an SA200 is capable of generating 2,700 watts, while the SA250 has the ability to produce 3,400 watts of clean, renewable energy. In addition, because of their size and versatility, multiple units of either model can be installed in a single location in order to generate as much power as needed. For more information, contact Sun Storage or visit our website at #solar #sun_storage
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