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Small trailer 3 or what ever number

Small trailer 3 or what ever number

THis is yet another smaller trailer of mine hope you enjoy it. It has two slides outs on one side of the trailer. It is similar to a pop up and not a pop up. Where the sink is under the sink is a pull out toilet, and on the floor a pull out shower basin where you could use the sprayer from the sink to wash off. THis camper uses a point of use water heater as well...2.5 gal. capacity. ALso has a washer/dryer single unit combo with a small refrigerator. All electric ofcourse. It has a wrap around seating arrangement that doubles as a queen size bed and a twin bed ontop of that. For a total of 3 person to sleep inside. Let me know what you think #double_slide_outs #electric_camper #Small_trailer
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