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Sketchup Nightmare , WTPmonster contest submission

Sketchup Nightmare , WTPmonster contest submission

Stephanie S.
What's in my sketchup closet you may ask?? (creapy music playing in the background) All those projects I started and never finished have morphed behind closed doors into my very own sketchup Hel!. They all seemed innocent enough, like Gonzo's nose, a teddy bears head, a pair of kids blue jeans, a set of cat legs with claws, bumble bee wings, sketchy physics animated eyes, and the body of a lion. Yet as they fade in and out of my dreams as failures, mistakes, or unfinished ideas of glory together they became my ultimate Sketchup nightmare..." WHY DIDN"T YOU FINISH US STEPHANIE!!!", they scream as they chase me through what use to be a paradice of happy models. EDIT: thanks... I added fur and the file was too big :) #cat #claws #evil #eyes #fangs #lol #monster #nightmare #syicreations #weird #wings #WTPmonster
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