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Lifetime Shed and Shed Base

Lifetime Shed and Shed Base

Andrew D.
This is a sketchup done for a home shed project that I completed (the shed itself is from a another warehouse model, I modified to the size of shed I was building.). The Shed was the 12.5' x 8' Lifetime Shed (purchased from Lowes). It's EXTREMELY important that the ground is completely level for both 16' sections that the base will sit on, I rented a rototiller, and leveled where the base would sit using rakes, spare 8' lengths of 2x6, and a level. Here is a list of materials and tools used for the construction of the base. Tools: - Mitre saw (cutting 2x4s to length) - Skil saw (cutting angle on 2x6s to make base movement easier) - Measuring tape - Cordless driver with #2 Robinson bit - Sledge hammer can be useful for squaring the frame Material: - (x4) 4' * 8' * 5/8" pressure treated plywood - (x13) 8' pressure treated 2x4 - (4x) 16' pressure treated 2x6 - Box of 1 1/4" deck screws (100 screws) - Box of 2 1/5" deck screws (100+ screws) - Large tube of PL400 (used under the plywood to avoid creaking) Instructions: I built this in my garage to have a flat surface for building it, then moved the base into place. 1. Cut the 8' 2x4s to 7.5' lengths on the mitre saw 2. Cut the corners of the 16' 2x6" 3. Using a 16' for each side, build the frame by screwing the 2x4s in on 16" centers (longer screws) 4. Screw the additional 16' 2x6s to the outside of the frame (longer screws again) 5. Measure corner to corner to get an initial square 6. Squeeze PL400 onto the frame for each section, screw down the plywood (shorter screws). Make sure to square the frame to the plywood as you go. 7. It'll take 3-4 people to move the shed into place. I put down landscape fabric before laying down the base. I'm also building a ramp using hinges & plywood so it will move up and down with the frost.
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