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1817 Draisienne Bicycle

1817 Draisienne Bicycle

The Draisienne is an early bicycle, similar to the Celerifere (1790). It was improved with a steering mechanism attached to the front wheel. It was created in 1816 by German Baron Karl von Drais de Sauerbrun. He called it a Draisienne, after himself, though popular parlance also dubbed it the hobby horse. When using it, the rider perched on a seat between two wheels similarly sized wheels, and using the feet, propelled the bicycle a bit like a scooter. Drais exhibited his bicycle in Paris in 1818, and while popularly received, its design limited its use to really just flat, well-groomed paths through gardens and parks, which were off-limits to a good portion of the population in those days. #1800s #1817 #antique #bicycle #bike #draisienne #old #transportation #vehicle #vintage
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